About us

  • ZUTS was founded in response to the growing demands and requires of opening of new international markets between Europe, Latin America and Asia.

    We have offices in Germany and Spain, and we have a external commercial network in international markets to offer a high quality service and to obtain positives results.

To be able to meet the demand of our clients and suppliers, we have a wide red of partners in the main international markets, providing us a global vision and at the same time local.

Our advantages

    • In more than 9 countries

      Our external network distributed in 10 countries we provide the support necessary to cover those markets alone.

    • Reduce costs

      We are part of your company, with the advantages of being an external agent.

    • Personalized proposals

      We design a proposal in accordance with their needs and resources.

    • A single interlocutor

      With our platform can be run directly with a single company, and you can have a full service and custom.

    • Tangible Results

      The results that we offer are tangible in its account of results.

    • Global Vision and sustainable

      We have a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable about the new trends of the market.

  • Mission

    To become a strategic partner of the international companies and be able to grow right along with them. To this end, we offer all our effort and knowledge of the area Sales and Marketing for the achievement of the objectives of our clients and our own.

  • Vision

    Trust is the basis on which are built all the large companies. When we earn the trust of you, there is no limit to what we can do for our clients.

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Through these values we generate our foundations of sustainable growth:

  • 100

    We generate an environment conducive to innovation, transfer of knowledge between the different customers and partners for the development of synergies between all the members of the company.

  • 100

    We maintain relationships of trust with our customers/employees/partners and suppliers, since this is the best way to achieve a greater commitment and loyalty on the part of all concerned in the common project. This enables us to reduce the need for control and monitoring and increases the efficiency and strategic implementation.

  • 100

    We assume the responsibility to act with integrity through an honest behavior, worthy and ethical, to generate confidence in our company on the basis of transparency in the management and the communication that we convey to our customers.

  • 100

    Given our personal structure and know-how of trends in the international market we generate the greatest satisfaction to our customers, setting cost and operational capacity very competitive as compared to the competition.